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Our non-profit, member-run organization has been offered the chance to buy 25% of Atlanta Silverbacks FC and a seat on the club’s Board of Directors. Once we have contributed $100,000 to Silverbacks operating expenses we will be awarded our ownership share and board seat. We are currently raising money via membership dues and donations.

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After buying your membership or donating, feel free to send a join request to ASFC Trust Group on Facebook.

All members and donors will receive a PayPal receipt from Atlanta Football Club Trust. New member orientation emails will be sent out about once a week.

About The Trust

The Atlanta Silverbacks Football Club and the Atlanta Silverbacks Trust have joined forces to offer an opportunity for partial fan-ownership of the Silverbacks. With this purchase, the Trust would own a 25% stake in the club and have a full voting representative on the Board of Directors of the club, giving the Trust a say in how the club is operated and developed.

The landscape of soccer in the United States is undergoing immense change. The fan-owned model, which is popular at all levels of the sport in Europe, is also becoming popular here in America. Many lower level clubs in Europe have been stabilized and strengthened under the fan-ownership model. Portsmouth FC in England is a notable example. Multiple relegations and two bankruptcies resulted in fans mobilizing to purchase the club. They were so successful that Michael Eisner purchased the club this past summer.

Partial fan ownership is a requirement in Germany. Some of the largest clubs in Europe, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, are completely fan owned. Closer to home, clubs like San Francisco City FC (PDL) and Minneapolis City SC (NPSL) are utilizing this business model, which provides the strongest possible connection between the club and the community.

The Atlanta Silverbacks are Atlanta’s oldest existing professional soccer team, tracing our roots back to 1995 when ancestor club The Ruckus was founded. The Silverbacks were formally founded in 1998, named to honor Zoo Atlanta legend Willie B. The club has participated in several leagues over the last twenty years as American soccer has undergone tremendous upheaval. With more stable leagues in the lower divisions, it is our hope that additional community involvement will allow the club to grow and thrive for generations to come.

Trust Officers

President - Paul Scanling
Secretary - Florian Bauer

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1720 Bertram Lane, Marietta, GA 30008 USA